Corporate Social Responsibility

Lingkod Pinoy Centers

The Lingkod Pinoy Centers emerged from the desire to ease the delivery of essential government services to
every Filipino. It is a one stop shop where people can access a variety of public services. The Lingkod Pinoy
Center provides convenience and comfortable venues to make transactions. The Mall provides the area at no
cost to the government.

By hosting select government satellite offices APVI reduces the need for people to take multiple trips and in
process reduce carbon emissions from vehicle use.

Transport Hubs

APVI’s presence in the community makes it a strategic hub for transport connectivity. By providing terminal
spaces for public utility vehicles, the mall improves accessibility to several destinations for commuters. APVI’s
Mall hosts a variety of transport services: from P2P bus, UV Express Services and vans, and regular jeepneys
and tricycles. We also provide loading bays to ensure a safe and systematic way for commuters to board and
alight from public transport vehicles.

Locally Sourced Exhibits

APVI supports local products & entrepreneurs by participating in the Locally Sourced Exhibit, in partnership
with the Department of Agriculture, to promote local vegetables and plants sellers. The mall helps the small
entrepreneurs and promotes the local products to mall goers by providing free usage of space for their

Locally Sourced Exhibit